Photography and Film BA, AKV|St.Joost Breda (2016-2020)
Internship at Jaap Scheeren (2019)
Minor Urbanism, AKV|St.Joost Den Bosch (2018)
Graphic design masterclass, Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam (2011-2016)

Rick van der Klooster
The Netherlands, 1995

+31 640 231 215

Artist Statement

“Sometimes I wish I was a political activist or scientist. So I could help bring change to the world. But I am an emotional person and I guess that emotions don’t have a place in politics and science. That's why I am taking photographs, because for me, they’re about emotion. Growing up in the countryside and death stalking my youth I am very aware that everything is temporary, transient. Naturally themes like memory, nature and transience are a big part of my work. They’re personal for me, but I see them everywhere, in everyone. By creating photographic worlds, using subjects as metaphors, I reflect on these themes. It gives my thoughts about them an opportunity to escape from myself and transform into a visual form. In that way they’re there for everybody to see, to reflect on.

Hopefully this encourages you to think about these themes and what they mean for you. I strongly believe that photographs give the opportunity to create a dialogue about them without dictating your opinion.”