The Day the Birds stopped Singing

photobook 84 pages, 43 black and white photographs, to be released summer 2021
illustrations by Nina Waser, graphic design by Matthias Batzli

The Day the Birds stopped Singing is a poetical photobook about the feeling of anger, uncertainty and incomprehension of growing up in a dying world. Through flashed-in black and white photographs of young adults, city birds and the local parks I am creating visual metaphors that convey this liminal feeling we experience in a time where we leave behind the comforts of childhood and face the consequences of adulthood. What do we have our wings for if there is nowhere to land?

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Sunshiners #01 Common Problems

zine 32 (100% recycled) pages, A5, black and white, self published

The first issue of Sunshiners is focused on a public bouldering spot located under the local railtracks of Schiedam-station. With Common Problems I show what happens when cities decide to make the public space a common space again. In the end this issue became a collaborative, somewhat political, time documentation of three monts climbing under a railtrack filled with stories of the people I met there.

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